Here I will explain to you how you can have access to contents, supporting me and subscribe.

Visitors: This is for people that haven´t registered.

This is how it looks like for visitors

When you click to Register, you will be redirected to a new page

 Select the plan you want to subscribe. Let´s say The Derp Level Test, click on it.

Registering is not hard so it takes just few minutes.

Click on I agree to the TERMS OF USE then on PayPal Check out.

I tested using the PayPal balance. After you click on PayPal Check out and logged in, you will have to choose between the bank´s name or your credit´s name.
Whatever you gonna choose, they gonna be your backup in case you don´t have any balance in your PayPal account. So the money will be withdrawn from there.



Users: Guide for those who have already an account, but not subscribed.

This how it looks like

Don´t get fooled by the Register button, just click it!

Same as for those who don´t have an account, but yet it´s a bit different. Used a fake account and also a fake level to test things out. As previous mentioned and showed, ypu have to agree on the terms and click on the button.


Each post will have the Cencel subscription link

You can cancel your subscription anytime!

And that´s how it looks like.





Any questions regarding subscribing or canceling, you can send an email, or use the chat to contact me. The money will withdraw automatically every month at the the date you subscribed.