What does this mean?
I have the posibilities to control it and to make it easy as possible for everyone. Member Subscriptions is a way to make extra income without any extra fees. The only fees it’s gonna be from PayPal, so no additional fees.


Subcriptions Plans:

  1.  Basic: The Basic one it has NSFW content that I had it before, but with the passwords. I will be uploading new ones in the future
  2.  Support: If you like my art, you can support me, that way I will continue making what I love
  3.  Bronze: Having early access to contents before making them public
  4.  Silver: Some extra content before making them public
  5.  Gold: Special guest content and many more(only if I reach certain amount of subscribers)



How it works:
To be able to see the content, you need to register, login in and subscribe, every subscription is bound to a duration, a duration of 30 days. For more details please check on how it works step by step


Emails Reminders:

Once you subscribed(starting with BRONZE), you will agree to receive emails reminders, to remind to renew the plans you opted.